Welcome to our new website!

As a trusted European brand from Germany providing quality products and services, we, at Euroware, aim to provide a convenient way for customers to choose and buy quality bathroom and kitchen tapware. 

Thus, we have created this easy to use website where customers can choose the best bathroom and kitchen tapware while at the comforts of their home. It is visually designed for easy navigation so customers can find and select what they want for their bathroom and kitchen.

Moreover, as a trusted and known quality brand, Euroware customers can choose from our wide list of tapware for vanities, basins, showers and more. Our products have been organized according to their type, series, and function, to create the ultimate custom online shopping experience for all our customers. 

Here are the product categories that you can access on our new website. 

Bathroom Tapware 

If you are looking for tapware to fit the requirement and design of your bathroom, you can easily access our bathroom section that is divided into different categories such as bathroom ware, basins and vanities, shower fittings, and bath fittings. Moreover, for easy navigation, we’ve further categorised this list by series, function and by type.

With this kind of category system, customers don’t have to go anywhere on the website if they are looking for a specific type of bathroom tapware. They can simply hover the Bathrooms in the menu button and a dropdown of the category of products will appear.

Moreover, if you click the Bathrooms menu, there is a filter option that customers can use to filter out specific products that they want to see. They can filter the product based on category, series, and color.

Kitchen Tapware

If you are renovating the look of your kitchen, we’ve also organized our kitchen products on the website for easy navigation. If you hover Kitchen on the menu, a dropdown will appear. On this dropdown, kitchen tapwares and products are classified by series, type, and function. Moreover, if you click Kitchen on the menu, you will be directed to the kitchen page where you can use a filter option to find the product you are looking for. You can filter according to series and color.

Just like our bathroom products, Euroware has also different series and design namely Berlin, EU Modern, Quadratum, Keshet, Lavontain, and New Century.


Just like our bathrooms and kitchen category, we also have a wide range of quality shower products. And these products are categorized by ware, fittings, and other accessories. The Shower menu list is also further filtered by series and function. Moreover, just like the bathroom and kitchen pages, when you click Shower in the menu, you will be directed to the shower page. It also has the filter function where you can filter your options according to series and color, so you can easily find what you are looking for.


If you are just looking for an accessory, then you can directly go to the Accessories page. Under the Accessories page, you will find Euroware’s wide range of top of the line and high-quality bathroom, kitchen, shower, and bath accessory products.

Our accessory line is very flexible. You can find an item that will suit the contemporary or modern look of your kitchen or bathroom. There is also some traditional accessory that can complement that traditional look of a room.

We will update this section over time with more tap accessories.

Download Catalog

Another amazing thing about our new website is you can easily download our updated catalog. This means you get to have your own copy of all Euroware’s products. Even if you are not online, you can browse your downloaded copy and simply contact us to order.

High Quality Taps You Can See On Our Website

To give you an idea on what to expect on our new website, here are the top products that you can check out on our site to improve the look of your bathroom and kitchen.

Euroware Berlin Tap Mixer

This classic retro designed tap is suitable for bathroom and kitchen. It’s quality finish and unique design will make any room classy with a retro vibe.
Euro Classic EU Modern Tap

This single lever mixer is suitable both for bathroom and kitchen. This tap is best as it can enhance the look of your room.
Euroware Keshet

This single lever mixer is ideal for bathroom units like tubs and showers. With its unique design, it aims to improve the overall look of the place.
Euroware Lavontain

If you have a contemporary bathroom or kitchen, this state-of-the-art tap is the best choice. Browse on the Lavontain series to see more of this design.
Euroware New Centrury Faucet

This single lever mixer is best for sinks of different functions. It also has the latest water flow technologies.
Euroware Quadratum

This single lever mixer tap is best for bathroom, kitchen, and bath. It can enhance the contemporary look of the room.

These are just some of the things that you can see on our new website. There are also other resources that you can find on our website should you have questions on our products, shipping policies, order status, refunds and returns, among others.

You can also check out our resources about nonstock and special pricing. And should you want to know more about Euroware, just visit our company page.

Aside from that, we, at Euroware, also offer installation services. We have inhouse plumbers that are highly skilled and experienced. You can get our installation services at a fixed rate of $110. If you order products online, you can request our inhouse plumbers to install it for you. You get quality products at the same time save on installation.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at 0800 EUWARE.

Feel free to browse our website and check out our offerings!

Happy shopping!