Euroware offers installation services

Are you planning to revamp the look of your kitchen or your bathroom by adding quality tapware, vanities, fittings, etc? Are you looking for someone who can help you with installing these new products in your bathroom, shower, or kitchen?

With many installation services out there, it is hard to find a contractor that you can rely on and trust. That is why, we, at Euroware, provide quality installation services to all our customers.

Once you pick a product on our website, you can contact us to request an installation service of that product. You don’t have to look for someone to do it. We got it all covered.

Here’s the more reason why you should contact us when it comes to bathroom and kitchen accessories installation.

1. We have inhouse plumbers

Unlike other contractors that outsource or hire other people to work on their behalf, we, at Euroware, have inhouse plumbers. Our inhouse qualified and registered plumbers are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to installation of different bathroom and kitchen ware products. Moreover, as installation experts, they have a wide knowledge in plumbing that helps them assess the condition of your bathroom and kitchen more efficiently.

Here are some of our products that our skilled inhouse plumbers can install in your bathroom and kitchen.

This single vanity lever mixer is suitable for both bathrooms and kitchens. Its unique design is ideal for enhancing the aesthetic look of the room. This tap is available in four (4) colors: brushed nickel, chrome, gold surface, matte black

This single lever mixer can be used in different sinks for a variety of purposes. It is best with a contemporary designed room. This tap is available in four (4) colors: brushed nickel, chrome, gold surface, matte black.

This tap complements both traditional and modern styled bathrooms and kitchens. It also has the latest water flow technologies. This tap is available in four (4) colors: brushed nickel, chrome, gold surface, matte black.

If you want your bathroom and kitchen to be unique, this Euroware Berlin Mixer is an ideal choice. This unique look is combined with the latest quality, technologies, and water efficiencies. This tap is available in four (4) colors: brushed nickel, chrome, gold surface, matte black.

This stainless steel faucet balances traditional and modern design bathrooms and kitchens. With its unconventional look, it has adapted the latest water flow technologies. This tap is available in four (4) colors: brushed nickel, chrome, gold surface, matte black.

This contemporary designed tap will enhance the look of any traditional looking bathroom and kitchen. This tap has a state-of-the-art water flow technology from the lever to the spout. This tap is available in four (4) colors: brushed nickel, chrome, gold surface, matte black.

2. Affordable fixed rate

Since our plumbers are in house, we are able to provide cheaper installation services to all our customers. Our installation services only cost $110. And this is a fixed rate. Meaning, there are no hidden or additional charges at the completion of the installation. So you don’t get surprised when you get your bill from us.

Unlike other contractors who are not transparent with their estimate, with us, Euroware, you only pay a fix of $110. No more no less. This is our affordable and transparent approach for our installation services exclusive to our customers.

3. Readily available plumbers

Another thing that sets us apart from other online shopping stores is that you can easily contact us for installation once you made a purchase on any of our products

Once you made a purchase, you can arrange the installation service by contacting us at 0800 EUWARE. One of our inhouse plumbers will take care of your order and of the installation service. No need to look on the internet or thick directories or yellow pages and make several calls just to find a reliable plumber. We have one ready and available to assist you.

4. Good customer service

With a commitment to providing quality products and services to our customers, we, at Euroware, make sure that our customers are taken cared of properly. Before, during and after the installation service, you can ask us anything regarding the service or even the product you purchased. If there are issues with the product or the installation, one of our team is ready to assist you.

These are just some of the things that you can consider when getting us for your installation needs. It is important to find a reliable installation contractor to ensure that everything is okay with your newly installed bathroom or kitchen wares.

Why working with reliable and skilled plumbers is important

If you think that anyone can do plumbing work, you are mistaken. Here are other reasons why working with reliable, skilled, and professional plumbers is important.

1. They have the experience and the expertise

If you work with a professional plumber like us in Euroware, you can expect that we can deliver the job skillfully. We are trained and have a vast experience as plumbers. Moreover, we use the best plumbing tools and equipment.

2. It is more affordable.

Don’t be fooled in getting cheap affordable services on the internet. Some of these services don’t commit to quality service. Instead of saving, you may end up spending more because the work they’ve done is not that reliable. You may end up hiring another one to fix the problem the first contractor made.

3. They are more efficient.

Skilled and experienced plumbers like our team at Euroware have the experience and the workmanship to perform installation services. With this, they can carry out the task in the shortest time possible. Moreover, our team can solve even difficult installation issues or scenarios.

4. They have post service warranties and guarantees.

One of the great things about getting skilled and reliable plumbers to do installation services is that they offer post-service warranties and guarantees. This means that once you experience a problem with your newly installed tap, they can go back to your place and fix it for no additional cost.

With Euroware, since you purchased the product on us and called us for installation, it is easy for us to give you service warranties for both the product you purchased and for the installation service. So you can rest assured that everything is taken cared of should an issue arise.

These are just some of the considerations that you should make in choosing a quality and reliable plumber.

To purchase high-quality bathroom and kitchen wares, just browse our website. And immediately contact us so we can assist you with the installation of these products.

Go only for reliable and quality installation services. Go with Euroware.

Contact us today at 0800 EUWARE.

Happy shopping!