Convert Your Low-Pressure Shower To Mains Pressure

A nice hot and relaxing shower can make all the difference after a long and tiring day at work.

Although if you live in a house that is dated back pre-2000s, then you know that the likeliness of having a shower that looks somewhat like this is almost certain.

The problem

Historically the only way to clean yourself was to heat up water and take a bath manually. When we discovered how to store hot water for later use, the shower idea made a lot of sense. Firstly, we didn’t have to wait for a whole bathtub to fill by manually heating up water on demand. And secondly, we didn’t have to waste a whole bathtub of water to get clean either. These fixed shower heads were great at the time of their first introduction.

While the shower was a great invention, times have changed and the innovations with the shower features have made life easier.
The fixed showerhead position has a couple of issues that we would like to address:

• Cleaning the shower enclosure isn’t as convenient as having a rail. Instead of pointing the head where you’re cleaning (And sometimes it may not reach), you can take the head off the rail to point and clean wherever you need to.
• It’s easier to wash your kids and pets with a rail for the same reasons mentioned above.
• It is more beneficial for the disabled or elderly. A shower rail can be installed at a lower and more suitable location for wheelchair and immobile users.
• Water can be conserved more efficiently as you can point the shower head precisely in the areas that need to be cleaned, not reaching out awkwardly.
• If you are a taller individual, chances are the plumber did not consider your height.

The solution

Just because of the fixed shower head position does not mean you have to put up with it. There are still options for you as the homeowner to make the shower experience more enjoyable.

The shower outlet position on the wall can generally not be changed (Without opening the wall of course). However, we can add a fitting like in the image above to attach a shower hose and install a rail to go with it at any desired height for the user.

The process

We first ask the homeowner to pick out a shower rail that they wish to install. There are many shower rail types and features that can do different things which the homeowner might wish to have for the next 10 years or so.

Things such as:
• A soap holder
• Shower heads that are more water conservative
• A rain shower attachment
• A color scheme to match the bathroom

We will then purchase and install any fittings and components to make the old shower setup suit the new shower setup.

Once the rail is installed in the desired position and configuration, we will seal off any new holes from the installation and test the setup to make it sound.

You can now enjoy the benefits of a new shower rail and shower head even with your older bathroom and shower mixer.


Have you recently upgraded your hot water cylinder to mains pressure but didn’t think of the shower?

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(Despite upgrading to mains pressure, we also supply restrictors for an additional $19 plus GST. that will reduce the usage of your shower but not compromise the mains pressure coming through the spray)